Sunday, August 12, 2007

千四百八十: New Suitcase!

Yay, finally got my luggage! in the end I didn't buy samsonite, cos I saw Crossing luggage at planet traveller (what I bought last december) for about half the price and about the same size. Since I'm already using that brand, the quality is pretty up to my liking so i bought the medium sized one. It's about 24inches, expandable another 2 inches I think.

tonight is conversation nite! with Ryo i mean. Then we were happily discussing gossip about our ex-colleagues. 2 people in the office got attached. hehehee. secret though, we're not supposed to ask them about it. it was fun and he was laughing and laughing and i dunno why i was laughing and laughing oso. yay only one more week to seeing him. :D

& i converted my bank account at HSBC today. They were having some roadshow and I apparently qualify for some program that will convert all transactions I conduct with the bank into reward points & since I'm using the HSBC credit card as my main card, I thought it was pretty worth it to get as much points as I can without spending so much on the credit card. Took up an investment savings plan too : http://www.hsbc.com.sg/1/2/personal/insurance/savings-plans/targetsaver Slowly trying to grow my money long term, but think i need some short term investments too. Will think about that in the next few weeks.

I spoilt my sunglasses case today. (T.T) it fell on to the ground and the latch had to crack and it can't be latched anymore. so very sad. then I think I scratched abit of the lense when I hit my head on the top of the car frame with my sunglasses on top of my head. ARGH. so very clumsy.


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