Saturday, August 04, 2007

千四百七十二: 秘密

The movie is pretty good! I had fun today. :) I got along pretty well with W and he made me laugh alot. We had dinner at the Hong Kong Cafe but my mouth was hurting me very much (with the sore gums and the ulcer on the tongue) and I couldn't eat much.

Secret. The first movie I've ever watched with Jay Chou in it. At first you think its some predictable love story, but the twist is good. I was almost in tears at the end when he was trying so hard to reach the girl at the very last moment. Unfortunately, i sorta read a similar book to this so I could see where it was leading up to after the dad started his part of the story. Anyway, I think couples should watch this..

I went to sign up for the step up account today from Citibank, the way it works sounds pretty cool, but kinda like forcing you to save up which is pretty ok with me. The 0.685% p.a. interest is definitely a pull factor, compared to all the other current/savings account right here. pathetic rates most of them offer. Due to the long lunch I had at vivocity (incl signing up for the acct) with Ray, had to work until about 8pm in the evening. which was alright with me cos the original idea was that I was supposed to go to work tomorrow (sat) to regress some tests. But, luckily Redmond proved to be pretty efficient this time.


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