Thursday, July 26, 2007

千四百六十五: Love me, Hate the Game

I've been around the world
And all I want is Love and I want it all
Just name it and I've done it. I've seen'em all
Don't hate me cuz I got what you want
Just blame that game

/ m-flo loves Snacky Chan, Thaitanium, Edison Chen, and Ryohei (From the album COSMICOLOR)

I didn't know Edison Chen collaborated with m-flo too.. Cool!

& today something weird happened. I usually don't bring my phone to lunch, cos it's bulky and I have no pockets/my jeans are too tight. But today, i decided to bring it along for no particular reason. Midway through lunch, my phone rang. Very very surprised (usually no missed calls/msgs even when I check my phone after lunch), I picked it up and it turns out to be a call from the police regarding the case from almost 6 months ago. They wanted to ask me a few questions tomorrow, so that they can charge the pervert in the attorney-general's chambers (i think he said that..) next week. Finally!! apparently he is out on bail now, meaning I could have had bumped into him in the trains these few weeks w/o knowing. The thought totally creeps me out.. But thank God the police have been doing their job so well. :D Crime doesn't pay!! & what a coincidence (is it?) that I brought my phone to lunch today. hmmm..


Blogger Edwin said...

so u will appear in the papers lah?

11:06 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

why would I be? The offender would be though. Victim is protected wat..

8:08 pm GMT+8  

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