Monday, July 23, 2007

千四百六十二: It's over...

i'm back!! I managed to finish the book b4 i slept last night actually. argh. I can't believe it's over. a big sense of loss as there isn't anything to look forward to anymore. :(

I had dinner with my cousin & cj at marina sq just now. Yesterday I accidentally stepped on my earphones and it cracked. the right hand side earphone cracked. (T.T) so after dinner, we went looking for earphones and none of the shops were selling sony earphones! it was so weird. all philips or seinnheiser. very irritating. In the end, I just returned to the epi-center at Suntec since I have the member's card and got the sennheiser earphones at 5% off. but I can't really hear the quality, unless the volume is louder. hmm. I'll try again later.

Now i'm hooked on DS Mojipitan (もじぴたん)。time to shower and hit the game. :D


Blogger Edwin said...

so who got killed in the book? I am too lazy to read such books liao...

11:05 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

sorry ah i cannot spoil the book for other not lazy people.

11:25 pm GMT+8  

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