Wednesday, July 18, 2007

千四百五十八: いただきストリト

I wore my new mickey vintage tank top today and it was a relief not having to constantly check that my tummy was or wasn't showing. :)

I'm hooked on DS's いただきストリト (Itadaki street) , a game like monopoly but with all the characters from FF, Mario, and dragon quest.

Some recommendations to Japanese hiphop/R&B. Try listening to Kreva or Monkey Majik. Their songs are soothing yet catchy. & they're pretty cute in person too. :p

I didn't manage to see the Jude Law lookalike this morning. A little disappointed, but hopefully he'll be on the bus tomorrow. the shuttle bus was late this morning also. I think 1 bus didn't come, resulting in an overcrowded and a very late bus. :(


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