Monday, July 09, 2007

千四百五十: The Sun & the Sea

I had a very good Sunday at Sentosa. We managed to get up pretty early to have brunch at Crystal Jade Suntec, then chilled a little at Coffee Bean b4 taking a cab down to Vivocity to take the monorail.

Very good weather yesterday, it was all bright and cloudless. At first we just sat at the beach outside cafe del mar, then after that he realised the sea was not too clean so we went in, got a bucket of 5 beers ;p and then suntanned a little b4 heading to the pool. Very shiok! I don't know how we managed to finish the drinks btw the 2 of us in about 2 hours, then we ordered cocktails and had a lot of fun just taking photos and lying on the sunbeds at cafe del mar. :)

He suddenly talked about getting a tattoo and then at about 3.30pm it got really cloudy so we decided to leave b4 it rains and so that he can get his tattoo. heh. took a cab back from Vivo to the hotel, had a shower and the drinks really hit me then so i had sorta dozed off into a nap until about 6pm. Was still nursing a headache when we finally got changed to leave, then i brought him to Heeren to do his tattoo. it was quite fast only, about 40 min, and it turned out pretty cool. BUT, only after he did it (for $100):

the guy said, can't eat seafood for 2 wks! we were like HUH!??! .... but it looks good, stopped bleeding also.. He did say the process was a little painful, but he compared it to like plucking our body hair and since girls always pluck eyebrows, I think its fine for us.

We had dinner at pasta cafe after that and bought some wine / ice cream and headed back... there was a show about air craft crashes investigation which was very interesting & we watched that while eating ice cream and drinking wine. :D


Blogger Edwin said...

hmm no bikini pics of u at the beach... only got pic of ur legs... or mebbe it was someone else's legs...

10:12 pm GMT+8  

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