Wednesday, July 04, 2007

千四百四十五: ZARA Sale

Talking about tightening the belt is alot easier said than done.

I went to shop with JL today and I gave in to temptation & bought a cute pair of orange overalls at the ZARA Sale. Argh!! I must stop shopping! MNG was having a sale too, but as usual, the clothes there didn't really catch my eye.

I wore long socks & canvas sneakers to work today. My feet started to hurt after a while cos it was my sister's sneakers and the sides hurt my ankle (which is swollen now...) n i could barely walk without wincing at each step. thx to JL for dinner & the cab ride, else I'm probably not going to be able to walk tomorrow. :S

& then I also bought cheezels when I went for lunch with the ApAC team at Vivocity. I forgot I had taken a very long lunch and it was only when I was preparing to leave at 5.30pm that I realised I shouldn't be leaving so early.. but abit too late since I was all ready to go. hmm. maybe will make up for it tomorrow?

& I saw the Jude Law lookalike on the bus this morning for the 2nd time. (2nd time on the same bus, but I had actually saw him at the bus stop waiting for a bus once a few months ago) He is breathtakingly handsome, a cross between Jude Law and Ashton Kucher who is blonde. Can you imagine?? I see him on the bus and I am thinking, what's this demi-god doing in Hillview? He should be modeling on some Paris catwalk or something! (But please don't, please continue staying in Hillview area and continue taking the same bus as me.. ) I hope I bump into him tomorrow. Maybe i'll get up abit of courage and ask him to take a photo with me so that I can show u all what this yummy guy looks like. :)


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yes i mentioned blonde

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