Monday, July 02, 2007

千四百四十三: Die Hard 4.0

haven't enjoyed an action movie so much in a while!!!



the show totally kicks ass. Poor Maggie Q though. She was so chio & sexy but unfortunately she was on the bad side. Her moves were really slick though. :S & some of the deaths were abit gruesome. I have no stomach for happy tree friends type of deaths. (disemberment, disboweling, deaths caused by sharp objects that cut up your body mainly) and i was like saying to WK "so gross so gross" when i foresaw the type of death that was going to happen to that guy. Yuck!! but bruce willis still looks very good for his age. :D

last minute decided to watch the show with WK, was feeling kinda down the whole day all cos of that jerk. he dare ask me today if the word on MSN was for him but at that time I actually didn't know what word he was asking about. hmm. I dunno how these guys can say all these mean things one day and then just smile at u the next day like nothing happened. Do they think I have no brains? or zero memory? or they actually expect me to have such a big heart to forgive them the very next day? I am really sick of this attitude I get from them. PUI!


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