Thursday, June 21, 2007

千四百三十三: ビーズ

I went to check out the wares in the beading industry in Singapore today with J after work at People's Park. and I found the prices to be quite reasonable compared to the online prices. so I got myself some beads to start up the bracelet in the pic yesterday! This is not a cheap hobby...
the start up tools

hopefully I will start making something tomorrow evening. Make sure you go to People's Park Centre (not complex!!)

Today the 21 year old guy finally summoned up his courage to chat with me. Online. hehe. it was abit weird. I didn't know what to say to a 21 year old, so I asked him about army. which really feels like eons ago. hmm

oh i had the weirdest most horrifying nightmare last night. dreamt of being in a house w/o knowing who is the murderer cos he is wearing this mask, then seeing people stabbed to death before my eyes (think Scream or Zodiac) then trying to escape the house but with suddenly kids in masks and hoods surrounding me and my guy. My guy holding my hand turns out to be Jude Law (hehe the only highlight of the dream) and he starts kissing me passionately while the evil kids starts chopping my hair off and trying to cut his hair too. ouch. alot of bloody scenes around. but good kiss. I'm quite tired from all the dream-running and kissing so shall sleep earlier tonight~~



Blogger Edwin said...

I read before somewhere that there are peeps making these sort of handiwork and sell them online...

3:30 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

maybe after I skill up a little then I try to do that

3:57 pm GMT+8  

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