Monday, June 18, 2007

千四百三十: Absent Minded

I booked our air tix today! so excited~~ we have never travelled outside Japan together before, & Singapore doesn't count cos it's my home country. so we will be going Bangkok for about 4days 4 nights and then Krabi for about 6days 5 nights. My airfare for Singapore - Bangkok - Krabi - Singapore is about S$210 (inc taxes). I would say that's .. quite cheap? I don't really know how cheap it can go, but that seems pretty reasonable. Now abit of a headache over which hotel to choose, the ones very near MBK (& quite ex) or those abit of distance (maybe 1 stop away) but alot cheaper.

Krabi I found some discount related to my HSBC card, but actually I saw another hotel which is cheaper than that even.. so have asked Ryo to pick.

today the piece of work due to my boss I been procrastinating turned out to be not as bad. Under the threat of my neck, I managed to churn out something good. Surprisingly. I need some sort of push I suppose. works well under stress. :(

& I forgot to rinse off the conditioner off my hair before i got out of the shower. I was looking at the mirror, then I touched my hair and I realised it was still sticky with conditioner. then i was like "oh shit!" then ran back into the bathroom to rinse my hair. I don't think that ever happened before.


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