Thursday, June 14, 2007

千四百二十六: Thai Accent

I'm so happy it's nearly the weekend!!

its been such a hectic week, time passed really quickly. Which was bad, cos I had quite alot of things to do.

Anyway, went to Vivocity with my cousin & his fren for some shopping. I got myself a nice kaftan top from Topshop (which isn't having a sale btw..) but they didn't have S size which would have fitted me alot better. sighz..

We had dinner at Thai Accent, which is quite expensive, and kinda regret it. the only good thing about the high prices were the rice refills. The taste was avg, not super good or better than thai express. but the view of sentosa from the restaurant was pretty good. The old ferry terminal is gone now, only the jetty remains with abit of the orange roof left from the queue area i think, and I feel quite sad cos all my memories of sentosa with my family was mainly of us riding the ferry to sentosa. :(

yesterday I was really tired dunno for wat reason, this morning I could barely wake up at 7am even though I slept at midnight. now I'm yawning uncontrollably again.

ok I am pretty much going to take leave for about 6 days in August to see Ryo, since our leave can't be brought over to the next year. ARGH. So unfair la.


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