Sunday, June 10, 2007

千四百二十二: 気になる?

Even though a guy is attached, and he knows you are attached, yet he minds when you meet your bf, what does it mean?

Today I practically slept the day away. Yesterday I went for Japanese lesson, asked 2 people whether they wan to watch movie in the evening but 1 replied me and i didn't receive the sms, then the other one didn't receive my sms asking him about the movie. argh. so in the end I went to dinner with my family at Taman Jurong, (the sambal stingray was very very good!!) then went suntec to look at the stuff on sale. I didn't buy a single thing even though almost all the shops were having sale. Nothing caught my eye, and I guess I'm really picky. Maybe I was just not in the mood for shopping also. Was feeling quite sleepy from waking up at 9+ am, and my mind just kept going back to the moments from the last last week. This month is another waiting month for someone to be here again. and waiting is a very draining activity. We have a new teacher for Japanese class too & she is .. really loud. very unlike most Japanese ladies, she speaks abit like a japanese Lian. heh.

so I fell asleep at midnite after a pretty good conversation with Ryo, maybe i'll go Japan in Aug. had a horrible nightmare about the gem on my ring falling off and only managed to wake up at 11+ am after trying the whole night to repair the ring in the dream. ate breakfast, helped to prepare lunch, ate lunch, took a nap, ate dinner, and then we went supermarket. Bought alot of stuff and then i'm feeling sleepy right now again. I dread to have to work tomorrow, but if I take MC, i'll probably be swamped again the next day instead. sighz...


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