Thursday, May 31, 2007

千四百十二: Vesak Day Eve

It was madness last night at most clubs. We reached zouk at about 10.30pm (I had waited about a full half hour w/o being able to get a cab then my cousin picked me up from where i was stranded) and it was like those NYE party type crowds. With not much hope of getting in with the queue stretching from the door to the bus stop, & the horrendous wait for some people, we decided to go off to dbl-o instead. Since there were some of the guys queueing at Dbl-O already, we were pretty much to the front of the queue but we still stood in the queue for about 1++ hours. until midnite. :(

I hadn't had dinner yet then, but just drank on an empty stomach and got abit giddy quite fast. I think this time it was a wrong conbination of people, so I didn't expect much to happen with these people last night. So it was more of a sit down and chit chat session but later on, they tried to move on to the bar and it was so crowded. I wasn't really in any mood, since I was waiting for a phone call. The phone call came at about 1.40am, & I was quite glad to leave the club for some food. Unknowingly, the supper session stretched abit long and I only had time to shower after I reached home at about 6am and then go straight to work. Power right? have never tried work totally w/o sleep the night before. hopefully I can last through the day.

erm. a random photo from the night that Charles took to test out my phone's camera:

@ Dbl-O

Unfortunately my teeth looks like just metal.. Argh.

& to put girls in a good mood, here's my idol in his new advert. I do admit, he is too pretty in this ad, would prefer him to act a little more masculine. :D


Anonymous absolutjoiz said...

haha...I was @ OBar. But it got quite crowded inside that it was very warm. :(

12:55 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

oh the O bar queue was soooo long!

a warm club is not too fun.. :(

8:53 am GMT+8  

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