Thursday, May 24, 2007

千四百零七: Garuda & NYDC

Today I managed to pass 3 out of my 4 test cases left, feel like I did some good work there.

I was supposed to visit XH & baby today, but last minute received a call from JY that the 61 people were going to have dinner & he asked if I wanted to join them. Considering that I haven't met them in 6 months, I gave XH a call to ask if I could postpone the visit (maybe to next Monday, I forgot that I had to go see the Navy exhibition with my cousin on Sunday..) We ate at this place called Garuda, at the Cairnhill carpark building and it was so-so I suppose. Maybe it's cos I havent had much outside food for a while such that I didn't feel that it was horrible or wat, but the rest seemed to think that it wasn't very good. hmmmm

After dinner it was desserts at NYDC. It was a pretty good evening, I haven't seen the guys for a while & it felt very good to just let down my hair and crack stupid jokes and jibe each other for silly things and to know that these people won't take offence. I love you guys!!

Ok tomorrow we're having dinner with the program managers, i'm quite excited about the free meal with the good looking men. hehe.

my eyes are shutting now so gd nite..


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