Tuesday, May 22, 2007

千四百零六: Sizzler's

We went to sizzler's at suntec to celebrate Marini's birthday and I think now I regret eating the pepper steak. The weather seem to feel alot warmer with all the pepper in me and I can't stop perspiring even though i've just showered. I'll update photos tomorrow, now just too zzz to move.

I didn't sleep until 4am last nite, all thanks to the coke i drank last evening during OT, the caffeine was enough to keep me up the whole night tossing and turning. My eyes were tired, but my mind was just jumping from here to there without stopping. So, seriously, no more coke for me after lunch!

The PMs (Program Managers) are in sg for about 2 weeks (from MS Japan) and I love it when they come. Firstly, them coming means 3 more cool looking guys in the office. They look alot younger than their age, (they dun look like they are in their late 30s, still very hip and youthful). Secondly, they would bring alot of goodies to give us cos we support their UAT work. thirdly, they would treat us to a good dinner at a restaurant somewhere and get to know us. Which is why i love the Japanese afterwork culture. When u go to such activities after work with them, you get to know them better and it gets easier to work with them after u see the side of the when they let their hair down and they also try to get to know u.

Mr Beng purposefully smiled at me again. I am a little irritated, since he is married and I might get into trouble for smiling back since I don't know which girl is his wife and then sometimes he just ignores me when he sees me (maybe at those times his wife is near). Then I try to smile (abit grimly cos today was quite swamped with work again) and i'm thinking, shit, I look like ugly Betty today. Married people shouldn't go around smiling at people they dun know cos they might be mistaken for being too friendly!!


Blogger Lin said...

wahhhh then married ppl must give ppl black face ah? so unfriendly...I still want to appear unmarried and mysterious to ppl leh hwahwhahaha:P:P:P

11:38 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

thats the problem!! married people shouldn't try to give that impression to other people! so misleading ~~

5:42 pm GMT+8  

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