Sunday, May 13, 2007

千三百九十七: Hors de Prix


You must catch this movie! Decided to watch this movie today with my cousin, it was a good decision. The movie was hilarious, and its not the usual sappy romantic comedy. Audrey Tautou was so sexy in the movie, and her figure probably leaves all women envious. The lifestyle she leads in the show is also pretty unattainable unless you do what she did. ok i'll only say so much, but do catch it, cos even for a wkend movie it was very worth it. :)

Got myself the VCD for Be With You (いま、会いに行きます) and Nobody Knows (誰も知らない) from HMV today; they were selling it as a set strangely, these 2 movies that I been wanting to catch. I can't find the poster image for Be With You however, so here's the poster for Nobody Knows.

誰も知らない Nobody Knows

I had a chendol Mr Softee in the evening, haven't had it for ages and it was cheap and good! only $0.90 with my cup filled to the brim. :)


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