Thursday, May 10, 2007

千三百九十五: ご当地検定

I played this game with Shinji today after work and turns out my results are not half bad. it's a game testing your knowledge about areas in Japan and I actually manage to win some rounds. (namely during the Osaka & Okinawa rounds) hehe.

The blue mark on my hand has faded a little, while the swollen part seems to be subsiding as well. But the puncture wound still seems to be as big as ever. He used an extra thick needle this time, and there was actually blood after the session so I was feeling abit apprehensive while he twisted the thicker needle into my hand. There hasn't been any visible wound after all the treatments so far.

I was very stupid this evening. I was supposed to meet H for dinner at clementi and I came out and took 175 on the side of the road that was leading to AYE jurong. after about 5 min, the bus turned to depot road then to Bukit Merah, Henderson area and I was thinking, how does it go to clementi from here? I hadn't taken the bus before so I was kind of surprised cos i knew positively the bus did terminate in Clementi. apparently I had taken the bus on the wrong direction!! By the time i realised, I was thinking, let me just drop off at the next MRT station but the bus did not go pass a single station at all, and it went from Henderson to Outram to Zion Road to Great World City to Orchard and I finally alighted at Plaza Singapura. (-.-!) The whole trip took about 40 min. argh. then I had to take the train to Clementi from there. (o.O) I was late about an hour for dinner , very paiseh, but luckily H wasn't angry or what. We had a good dinner of sambal stingray and crayfish and we caught up over a leisurely dinner. :)

the weather is so horribly hot and sticky that i've taken to bringing out the fan that the Capcom people got me. the paper fan hor, their beautiful japanese types so that I can fan myself before my perspiration overwhelms me and before my makeup dribbles down my face having been melted by the weather. argh. but then the weather isn't much better in Japan I think. :p


Blogger Edwin said...

Hmmmm i suppose u got at least press the alighting bell?... so the bus should stop at the nearest station mah.

1:09 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

erh? there was no station on the bus route until Orchard, press bell to get off at a normal bus stop in the middle of nowhere?

1:47 pm GMT+8  
Blogger Edwin said...

hmm i checked the latest transit guide, and could be an express bus that u have taken... then again, 175 doesnt seemed to be found inside either, only found 174express...

2:39 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

175 is a new service that just started a few months ago. It definitely was not an express bus considering that it stopped at every single stop.

2:43 pm GMT+8  

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