Friday, May 04, 2007

千三百八十九: Old Friends

I bumped into a friend I hadn't seen for about 6 years from uni. I was waiting at the dark bus stop at my workplace for the stupid 963, and then i saw this familiar face walking towards the bus stop with a girl in hand. :) i held his gaze when he walked past me and sorta waved but he didn't seem to recognise me. later on he walked to me and we started chatting. his gf was too shy to come over though.

In the afternoon, i saw R, a friend whom I hadn't met in about 5 years as well. Actually I met him yesterday, to borrow something, and today was to return. but yesterday was just b4 the movie so it was quite a rush. and today passed him back his stuff then he left. everyone looks the same but older. more jaded. I wonder if I do too.

today was quite free at work since I had finally cleared everything I was supposed to do by today. Multiplayer games with Shinji has become something of a routine. We started on MoMotarou Dentetsu the other day, we tried Zoo Keeper yesterday and today we were playing mahjong. It was pretty fun, abit nolstagic of the times I used to play DS with Ryo. sighz.

I wonder what lies ahead.


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