Wednesday, April 25, 2007

千三百八十三: We should learn to queue up

I missed my bus this morning because it came earlier by about 5 min!!


And then luckily 176 came, so after some very quick calculations, decided to board it to go Bukit Batok MRT and take MRT to queenstown MRT station instead. It would probably be a lot faster than waiting for the next 963. I reached Queenstown MRT at 8.10am, so u would probably think I would be on time for work anyway right?


It was a bad decision to wait for the company shuttle bus which travelled like a turtle after it picked us up at about 8.15am, taking 20-30 min to reach Alexandra Technopark. -.- and in the end I was late for work by about 10 min. ARGH!and when I was waiting for the bus, there was no queue. There was just a swarm of people, a messy swarm , so the way to get onto the bus would be to shove your way to the front. It was pretty chaotic but luckily since I didn't know anyone there, I didn't really care who I shoved. But remind me not to take that bus again. Next time will just take bus number 51 when it comes along.

OK I better remember to go for my dental appointment on Saturday morning.


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