Monday, April 23, 2007

千三百八十一: Monsters in my sleep

last night was a really horrible night. I dunno why i kept dreaming (having nightmares) of the monsters in my Negima game. -.- its quite silly and then i woke up feeling like i haven't slept at all. Maybe I shouldn't have taken the nap in the afternoon.

today was a pretty good day at work. I didn't feel too free at work, did very little of surfing net and really did work for the whole day yet managed to finish every thing at about 5pm in time to go home. :)

next week is pay day!! Finally. I don't know if I've met my target in my savings this month, I seem to have overspent. hmm. its supposed to be golden week next week too but we have to give up our holidays for work. sighz. However, I can take up the holidays in lieu, maybe I'll use it for travelling or something.

hmm its showing the PG theme Do not disturb on Arts Central now.


Blogger Edwin said...

why dream of m0onsters? hahaha...

5:15 pm GMT+8  

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