Sunday, April 15, 2007

千三百七十三: The Observatory @ Zouk

Today was a disgustingly hot and humid day. I had barely stepped out of the house for 5 minutes and I was drenched with perspiration by the time i reached the bus stop. drenched as in there were beads of perspiration rolling down the sides of my face, on my upper lip etc. yuck. just not moving and waiting for the MRT also did the same to me.

i think the hot sun and the sudden dehydration from perspiring so much sucked all the energy out of me. throughout Japanese class, I was lethargic, headachy and I couldn't stop fanning myself with the exercise book even though the aircon was on but I couldn't feel it at all. apparently, everyone in class was affected. all were feeling extra sleepy, some were having sore throats, and the whole class was kinda distracted and unfocused.

in the evening, went to serangoon gardens for Steak. Aston specialties, a steak stall in a coffeeshop opposite chomp chomp. it was quite ok, not that cheap as i had thought it was. we watched f1 and rugby after dinner at a small pub until about 9pm nearby and rugby was actually quite exciting! (the guys were very very fit and some quite good looking and all very agile) unfortunately, after 9pm, they started to show golf and it got boring. so we headed to zouk for the Observatory launch of their 2nd CD. their music is not meant for a place like zouk i think, more of meant for places like Wala Wala, where people can sit down and enjoy their music cos it was not stand up music at all. the music doesnt make u feel like dancing, hence standing and listening for a whole hour was not easy.


The Observatory

We ended the nite with supper at Fong Seng. :)


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