Wednesday, April 04, 2007

千三百六十四: Tea

I can't drink tea. or anything with caffeine after lunch actually. I will stay awake until really late cos of it and won't be able to wake up the next day. -.- last night i think i drank too much green tea, and I was up til nearly 2am, trying to fall asleep.

I see Mr Beng in the office intermittently nowadays but I can't be bothered to smile too much and he doesn't really look this way anymore. Time has a way of dulling things.

i realised something else today. i blast my earphones loudly to avoid hearing the voice in my head. else my thoughts would deafen and overcome me and I would get no peace.

sometimes when i'm feeling bored, I'll just click on my friends' nick in msn to see if they got new photos. sometimes u get pleasant surprises, u find out some people got attached, some people became better looking, some of their idols have changed or you find out what anime they are watching currently.

I came home very early today, because James gave me a lift on his way to jurong from work. he wanted to leave at 6pm, and I was so tired from the lack of sleep I decided to just take up the offer. luckily I had finished up most of my stuff last nite b4 meeting TY, today was spent clearing other work. I actually got some job satisfaction today, figured out how to use Infopath, how to put up my stuff in Sharepoint, all the complicated process of trying to make everything available to everyone, and I did it on the Japanese vista w/o help! felt happy about that, the burst of effort gave me no time to think about other matters as well. and time went by pretty fast today. No good friday holiday for me on friday, but on the bright side, lunch is company sponsored. wahaha. its great that on sg PH that we have to work, the company sponsors lunch. cos all the surrounding canteens are closed, we need the welfare. hoho.

looking forward to watching Nada Sou Sou and 武士の一分 next week!


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