Wednesday, March 28, 2007

千三百五十七: Weepy

I didn't realise I would have such a big reaction to the end of the trip. Kissed Ryo gdbye b4 the immigration / customs check area, hugged, and then just walked sadly in. I was alone in the boarding area, waiting for boarding time, and was listening to Desperado by the Eagles on my ipod and I just suddenly started crying and I couldn't stop. I dunno why I welled up, the music just made me think of him laughing when I do stupid things and him saying comforting words when I hurt myself and also him making the effort to have fun at disneyland even though he isn't so young anymore. and it made me think of the times i was hugged to sleep this whole week and now I'm like 5500 km away again and i just couldn't stop the tears. it was embarrassing but I also didn't really want to stop crying. :(


Blogger Edwin said...

migrate lah

8:02 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

i got bond. if dun have u think i will be doing this for fun?

8:14 am GMT+8  

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