Sunday, March 18, 2007

千三百五十: The Messengers

The movie The Messengers is freaking scary!! the whole theatre was silent throughout the scary parts and even guys were covering their eyes with their hands. haha. the story is so-so only, but the ghosts were freaking gross la.

First time i ever watched a movie in The Cathay picturehouse, i think i prefer Cineleisure better. the screen was a bit small here. went with cj and his fren to watch the 1.25am show, the cinema was surprisingly filled up even at such a time. after the movie, went for supper at al-ameen beauty world, chatted until about 4.30am , then he sent me home. luckily, he lives only 5 min away from me.

someone is going to send postcards to me!! i'm so excited!! :D


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