Wednesday, March 07, 2007

千三百四十二: The Pursuit of Happyness

4 out of 5 stars for this show. It was quite touching, and it was very cool to see him play with the Rubik’s cube. So if u wan to test if man is a math genius, get him to try to complete a Rubik’s cube. Hoho.

In a pretty foul mood now. Its like information is not coming down from the top, no orders, no comments, no nothing, and we are supposed to go figure out (as someone who’s quite underpaid) how to struggle out of the water. When I ask about something I dun understand, I dun expect a answer directly, maybe point me in the direction at least. Not a line such as “ you don’t have to get back to me each time”. Erh. I was just following the procedures of the other lead who reported changes to you? Whatever. It really pisses me off. But heck la.

so i just did what i thought i was supposed to do, and also fought for my 5 days of leave. phew. I almost didn't get it but luckily, because I already bought the air ticket, she decided that it was her own fault she didn't tell us of the month end 's happenings. phew.

ok la, i know today's post is a little weird. pieces here and there but i am having a very distracted mind and lack of sleep. bye bye


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