Saturday, March 03, 2007

千三百三十九: Music & Lyrics

This movie is so funny! very hugh grant fashion, witty and sexy all at the same time. go watch it!

I watched this with ZC last nite, 11.40pm show. was actually going to go St James with him but due to some events of the week, his friends didn't want to go clubbing and we ended up watching a movie I wanted to watch on the last day of his course. we were supposed to meet at 9pm, he came at 10pm (!!!) i was feeling abit miffed that i was made to come so much earlier and rushed down when 10pm was the original time I wanted to meet at. grrr. so I walked around vivo abit, got myself something at Zara I couldn't resist (yay, got something new to wear at work!) so i guess this month must scrimp abit of food liao, to keep to the budget. hehe. at 10pm, shops were closing, and he finally came, so we could only window shop around the closed stores. but at least i found the back bridge from harbourfront to Vivo, and discovered a store where u can make ur own stuffed toy. very nice concept; the store even sold stuffed toys clothing for u to customise your toy. (there was a superman cow in the shop)

at 11pm, nothing much to shop for already. then we went to the bridge from Vivo to St James and took a look at the friday crowd. not bad, carpark full, and its the first time i seen it up close. well, a pity last night I didn't have the energy to go clubbing. the night lights of PSA were very pretty though..reflecting on the waters.

after that ,we went to the 2nd level of GV and sat at the waiting area and people watched our time away. there were 3 non-heterosexual guys, there were so many sofas empty, they chose to be flashy/different? by sitting on the floor in front of the couch. -.-! the floor not dirty meh? maybe its more comfortable for them i guess. hmm. oh we bumped into ZX on the way in, and he was on the way out after a movie. he is ZC's brother by the way. what are the chances?! esp when we didnt particularly pick a time to head into GV.

the movie ended at 1.40am, we weren't hungry, so ZC drove me back and i zzz-ed until 1pm today. plans for today, would be to watch star wars 6 i guess.


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