Wednesday, February 21, 2007

千三百三十:Din Tai Fung

Yesterday, our boss from Japan came and we had a good dinner at Din Tai Fung. was happy that the WDL was on leave and we didn't have to go with him. I miss the dinners I had with Kana & the other people in the Corporate planning team in Capcom. it was very fun, we were of the same age group roughly and there was alot less guardedness than now. I dun really know what the rest are thinking but my weakness is that my feelings are pretty much written all over my face. sometimes its good but i guess in the work place, its not too good.

I am going for the photofit tomorrow, its abit late for it, since I probably could have remembered it better yesterday / today. Maybe I'll ask them where to get the alarm thingey. Talk about the after effects. I am now kinda frightened at the top of walking anywhere alone. when i see people walking towards me, I'll be thinking if they were going to be perverts.

We are going for team dinner again tomorrow, its a place called paper chicken.(i think)


Blogger Edwin said...

wherse tat paper chicken place?

11:42 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

I dunno yet. I will tell u after i go there tonight. haha.
But its near kitchener road apparently.

5:07 pm GMT+8  

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