Saturday, February 10, 2007

千三百二十一:what a relief

what a relief. it's finally over.

I stayed till 1.30am in the office yesterday to finish up the post assignment. almost dieded. because by 1.30am, I might have finished the project finally but i haven't studied for the exam which was today. (T.T)

I went bed at about 2.30am, set my alarm for 6am, but when it rang I hit it and went to bed until .. 7.30am. (T.T) only left one hour to look through everything le. so i just scanned through most of the notes, showered and left to meet my doom.

luckily the questions today, i was able to recall most of the answers, even if not indepth. and i was dying to go to the toilet at the end of 2 hours so i finished up and handed up the paper before rushing to the toilet.

I brought Mikako to the salon today, she wanted to cut her hair and do some treatment. we had lunch at the hong kong Cafe at cineleisure, then went to the salon on the 3rd floor. it was full house there. so many people around and i saw this girl who was there to just do treatment on her fringe. ?!? fringe only treatment? she too rich liaoz..so i instructed the stylist on what Mikako wanted and went off to look for a place to do eyelash perm. My old shop had closed down! i couldn't find it at ll, and I didn't see any other places doing it in Far East. sighz. Maybe i really have to go try the place at BPP liaoz.

so .. i wandered around orchard in my cardigan when it was blazing hot (cos i really didnt want to be burnt or get tanned) and went to Takashimaya in the end. Zara was having sale on winter/autumn clothing and I saw one really cool jacket but abit ex, $116. sighz, went to look at the sale items but all looked quite crappy. but i caught sight of a new arrival item, a hoodie and it looked so great i had to buy it. abit not cheap but I thought this is going to be my only clothing purchase for the month and then just went ahead. unfortunately, it's abit too casual to be a piece of new year clothing.

then met 2 old friends from Uni at the library. chatted abit and then i went to kino, and waited another hour. we went pasta cafe for dinner and bought some presents ofor vday oso.

ok at this point i would like to say my eye lids are actually shutting down so tomorrow i shall continue..

ok this is sunday morning & I shall continue. I wanted to say thank you for the advice, absolutjoiz and Edwynn. I went to get the suspension form for the course yesterday, I can suspend the course for a year and not have to make fee payments in between. So I think thats what i'll do. In the end for this module, I die die finished the post assignment in as best a way I could without sacrificing quality within this short 2 day window I had while I still went for the exam not too unprepared. I went to the exam hall and saw alot of people missing.. -.- so i felt quite happy, that i didn't take the short cut out and postpone the exam. :)

Plans for today is the Star Wars Episode 4-6 marathon and maybe shopping for new year goods with my mom. but i'm feeling abit sickly, my nose is runny and i think cramps are going to hurt today. and we are having early steamboat reunion dinner tonight cos my sis is going London next week, so no reunion dinner with her next week.

going to see the zara sale on monday again cos it was just too crowded yesterday.


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