Saturday, January 27, 2007


Last night I came back about 11pm cos I had dinner with my team and cleared up abit of work before I headed home by cab. hehe.

my sister was having friends over for mahjong and I had a bit of a start seeing so many shoes at the door step at such a time in the night. then I spoke abit to Ryo past midnite. its been a whole week since I spoke to him but unfortunately, i had only 4 hours of sleep the night before, the conversation ended when I was already in the half dozing stage and my sis had to clear my laptop off my bed for me. so ryo will be at work this weekend, i won't be but my teammates will be.

so today i will be trying to do my assignment. sighz. why the next exam is so soon?? i better try to get the skeleton out at least.

I feel like going for a short cruise/resort trip on one of the weekends lei. YY, you want to go?? the earliest i can go anywhere is 10(afternoon onwards) to 12 feb. how how how?


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