Thursday, January 25, 2007


I worked until 11pm today. (><)

its usually enjoyable OT when you have a group of people doing OT with you that you enjoy spending time with, can joke, talk cok, have dinner together. like last time in starhub when we were trying to pia OT 24-7 and get about 3k in pay for the month. it was super fun and since all of us were about the same age group, we would be eating that wuss joined us for dinner today. I dunno why he was the only one around and he came into my office area and I was so revolted by the thought of having to face him alone that I just took up the food and went to the pantry area. but my leader wasnt there yet. i left the food there with that wdl trailing behind me and i just wandered around looking for my team leader, and saw him chatting to another Japanese colleague. argh, cannot disturb, so I wandered around, only wanting to go to the pantry when more people were around.

so finally i went back after another 5 min, luckily my leader came, so i arranged the food. shinji (my leader; think i will type shinji from now on, sounds nicer and shorter to type oso) already noe wat to do liaoz, he was like glancing at me with looks of "which seat is mine?" cos he know i dun wan to sit next to that wdl and i felt like laughing. Unfortunately, i dunno why that wdl so irritating, went to purposely rearrange the food and change seats and move the table etc. while we were sitting down le. but anywayz. i shifted further from him, but seriously, very revolted by him and his talking. and his mere presence. yuck yuck yuck. then he made some weird comments at the table and not just me lor, Shinji and Mikako (another girl in my team but she's older about 36?) also were like "???" when that wdl spoke.

anyway, most of the time i just turned to Shinji and tried not to let that wdl speak to me. or i just keep very quiet most of the time.

ok yy, i promise to write about what broke my limit of tolerating him by end of this week. hehe.


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