Wednesday, January 24, 2007

千三百十: Overtime

First time I worked so late in any office i think. I only left the office at 10pm, since I started the testing work today only at 3pm. 3.30pm was the ending meeting of the day, and I had to do something so that I could report something during the meeting. My team leader was kind enuff to run me through the first 3, but after that the functions got so bleah that it wasted our time trying to figure out where to get info to test. -.- I wanted to try everything out myself first, but they keep saying they would help but actually it wasn't very difficult. just .. first time is abit confusing bah.

luckily, we could claim dinner allowance, and we ordered KFC. finally~~ we ordered 8 pcs for 3 people, it was enough to make me not wan to eat chicken for the rest of the year. and not eat KFC for the next 2 years at least. that wuss was dunno throwing what tantrums, asked him to join us he dun wan, but i think it was cos i ignored him when i was ordering food next to him on the phone. When I was already on the phone, as i said in the last post, he likes to interrupt people. so he tried to talk to me when i was already on the phone with the operator and tried to take my menu away. DL !! I just curtly snatched my paper back and shut my hand over my free ear to ignore him while trying to hear the operator. seriously. wat's wrong with this guy?? oh well, a happier dinner without him i suppose.

so we had a long enjoyable and relaxing but late dinner , chit chatting over KFC which led to all of us going home at about 10pm++ . luckily, after 9pm, can claim transport allowance oso. phew. so now I've showered and feeling damn sleepy but cant sleep yet, my hair's all wet.

and a shot of the sunset from the Jurong East MRT platform yesterday:
Sunset @ Jurong East MRT
the sunset behind Jurong Entertainment Centre

thursday tomorrow le. yay!

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