Friday, January 12, 2007

千三百: Some Office Gossip

I'm finally going to start doing some real work next week!

Today I learnt how to use the testing program and wat protocols and format I had to follow to do the testing. It wasn't difficult actually, but of cos I had to learn how to use the other products first. which was what I did this week. hee hee hee.

So I'll have some training the next week, before the real testing starts, from the lady who interviewed me in japan. She'll be coming down from Japan with another new person in the team (who be stationed in Japan i think?) to train us properly. She's a really nice lady, and pretty young I think. I saw all the other people started real testing work already but I realised they all had work experience as systems engineers and that kinda IT job experience already. well, I found out the 27 year old is earning about 3.5k (so why is he so stingy??? and we had a farewell lunch for another colleague today I barely know,at a nicer place with dim sum and the first thing he asked was why are we eating at such a expensive looking place and how much would it be. and he saw a bit of food left and he was like asking if he can dapao it for dinner or wat. omg. )

I actually have my first exam for the Masters program module next weekend. argh!! it means I have to complete my 5 essays this weekend!! omg. and of cos finish studying this weekend as well. argH!!! panic mode returning. how come a month goes by so quickly? i have to submit on Friday I think, at Dhoby Ghaut?? cos the exam on Saturday is at Queenstown Campus. sianz.

& I heard they are going to let a sandwich bar start selling food in the office pantry. Isn't that cool?? probably at a low rate to buy snacks cos now there isn't food available despite the 7-11 drinks area well-maintained by the aunty. There are the normal waffle type biscuits and crackers but that's about all.

I found out my team leader's married and his Japanese wife is here in Singapore too. And one of the Japanese girl has a Holland husband. and there is a married couple among the other team, Singapore guy and Japanese girl. & I'm apparently one of the youngest in the office again. woohoo! wah.. so this is wat a international company is like.. hehe.


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