Thursday, January 11, 2007

千二百九十九:The Dreaded Time of the Month

yes its the time of the month when girls go crazy. but this month was alright though. I wonder why. I was more of worried what if it doesn't come and there's been some mistake, but thankfully it did. phew.

went through abit more training today, found out i'm expected to be fully responsible for the systems I'm in charge of in March. March, that's enough time for me to properly learn! hoho. i feel much more at ease after hearing that. The other guy in the team, the new guy is irking me a little. He is like complaining hawker centres are dirty, nowhere for him to have dinner etc and I said, buy back home lor?? and he was like but his room got ants etc, no insect netting on the windows and i was like, no one has insect netting here wat?! and he was saying he stayed late at the office cos got free drinks, and free biscuits -.- (he's japanese lor..) and I was like thinking "oh my god, its a free loader type" and I said you can buy chopstix and cup noodles at NTUC, i couldn't think of any near queensway so i said go Tiong bahru and he said "so far!" -.- aiyah. everything wan to complain but all the suggestions rebutt, dun ask better la.


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