Monday, January 01, 2007

千二百九十一: Happy New Year!

hello ! almost the end of the first day of 2007 le.

today I spent the whole day in Ryo's place. This year his brother's family were there too, its really like CNY where everyone gather and the guys just sit lazily in the living room while the girls prepared the food. -.- but ok.. at least his sister in law was there, it didnt feel so awkward. we were late, and missed lunch, so I had to wait until dinner to eat something. (T.T) again. fyi, yesterday had no food until dinner cos ryo was asleep until 4pm. -.- had to wait for him to wake up right?

anyway, we went for 初詣 together, the whole family. took photos of the whole family, first time i took with all of them. good sign on the first day of the new year i hope. we went to a shrine near their place, within walking distance.

after that, spent the day in the house watching tv. occasionally the sister in law would chat with me, its really like CNY, just sit there and watch tv while the adults talk. the boys went to play baseball, Ryo with his bro and his nephew and the girls just sat around.

i sold my game for only 500 yen. (T.T) in the end i just sold it to Ryo's brother. the shop was going to pay only 500 yen anyway, and Ryo's brother bought it for his wife in the end. haha...

meetin kana for lunch tomorrow, only 3 days (2 days left?) argh!!!


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