Thursday, December 21, 2006

千二百八十一: Last Minute frenzy

Still unpacked:
  1. Cosmetics + Brushes
  2. facial products
  3. Mini Shampoo & stuff
  4. Contact Lenses + Case
  5. Laptop + charger + LAN Cable
  6. Pen?
  7. DS Lite
  8. Vodafone phone
  9. Sling Bag?
  10. Ipod
  11. Pencil Case
  12. Toothbrush
  13. Spectacles
  14. Do I need another skirt?? I realised I only packed about 5 t-shirts and 2 pairs of jeans. But my luggage seems filled to the brim. Weird.
  15. Zara Winter Jacket
  16. Cap
  17. Lecture notes
& I need to remember to buy them some small gifts!!

Things I need to buy upon Arrival:
  1. Wella Repair Essence
  2. Facial Wash
  3. Frizz Control
  4. Games!!
  5. Asience treatment
Plans for Friday onwards include dinner with the tokyo branch people, then riding the night bus on Saturday night. and on Sunday morning i can finally see my darling again! yay!

but.. tomorrow I have to get the damn presentation over with. It's not presentable as yet, but I dunno, the girl said she would do it, so I guess I can only trust her.

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