Saturday, December 16, 2006

千二百七十六: Abysmal Day

Today is one of the lowest days of the year.

Besides the fact that my dad was shouting at me, picking on me the whole day for no reason watsoever, causing my mood to dip to super low levels, the call that was supposed to come didn't come. and they did not bother to write me as well. oh well. I should have seen it coming. I am just not one of those who are destined for a smooth search.

At least the Japanese consultant called me and spoke to me. Highlight to talk to a non-aggressive person the whole day. Even if he might be faking it, I didn't detect it and that was good enough for me. Gave me some job leads, asked me about my interest level, hopefully he can work up some miracles.

Today's lab session was finally individual work. Finally!!!! I could think and just write down my thoughts without having to defend them to anyone, and of course not having to waste time arguing to have my point made. (Thank you thank you thank you for letting me have a voice.)

And we analysed ads today, there was a Got Milk? ad among them. So happy, since it was one of the major ad campaigns that really caught my attention, something I'm really interested in, and I actually know the history of. I could give background info, and I could describe the why the ad was done that way etc etc.

Got Milk?
Featuring Tom Brady

Some other ads of celebrities with that milk moustache:

The Olsen Twins

The very delicious Orlando Bloom as Legolas

Pete Sampras

Superman drinks milk too!

Mario too! very apt.. but usually it's his toadstools that make him grow.

yup yup.. that's all for today.. gd nite..


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