Monday, December 04, 2006


Today, I met BD and went to the Toshiba recruitment talk together. not bad la, long time no see. If only I was an engineer (T.T) the chance to be a 正社員 and be permanently employed in Japan. sighz. But after that I went to speak to the HR person after the talk and he said I could send him my resume and he could check for a position for me :) . well.. got send means they have it. saw JX for the first time in more than 3 years? think he looks more handsome in short hair. heh.

We watched this video during class today.

Frontline: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/

Its about the controversy of Journalists becoming like celebrities and whether it was ethical for them to moonlight in scripted talkshows and provide opinions that do not reflect the truth, rather, reflect whatever the producers wanted to be heard. And the Revolving door concept. its something about political related people becoming journalists after their political careers to write and criticise about politics and becoming mini-celebrities and after that returning to the political scene again, leaving readers not knowing whether they can be trusted at all.

Unfortunately, I was so tired today due the lack of sleep during the weekend (now in fact everything is spinning a little, and I can't really concentrate liao) that I dozed off during the movie. I was actually enjoying it on Saturday, so it's unfortunate that I couldn't really hear what they were saying today. sighz. But we finally did a writing assignment today, and it was ok except my partners keep coming up with all their own opinions and refusing to listen to mine. too bad la. today's one was better, at least she made sense. Tomorrow lesson 4 le. almost half le.

Today he surprised me. pleasant surprise though. He, of his accord msged me to ask if there was anywhere in Japan I wanted to travel to. I was expecting a quiet New Year of staying in, since I didn't want to waste his money and he had paid for my accomodation liao. I was surprised, seriously, cos he had never suggested holidays b4, it was always me asking, so I was quite happy today. I said I wanted to go some snow-covered area, Hokkaido would be best but should be impossible and too ex, then I asked him and he said probably places nearer that we can go in a day by, to just sightsee and walk around together. so we probably are going to Koya-san 高野山, its in Wakayama (和歌山). (you can click on the top right's "English" to see the English site) I dunno about scenery of this place in Winter, snowy hopefully, but its more beautiful in Autumn actually. but, would be great, he was suggesting Kyoto, Nara, Himeji,Koya-san but we've been to most of Kyoto le, and Nara dun have much except deers (do deers feel cold in winter??) but Himeji and Koya-san we haven't gone yet so we're just keeping our options there. Anyway, its only a day trip, dun have to prepare much bah.

Pretty good day except for the fatigue.

I better go sleep liaoz. zz Nitez!


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