Wednesday, November 29, 2006

千二百六十一: 死にそう

feel so giddy and sleepy but i can't sleep yet!! haven't finished what i'm supposed to read and my sis is creating trouble by not being home yet. my mom gets pissed off and shouting at everyone who's left in the house. sighz. seriously in a pressure cooker right now. head can't stop throbbing and my nose is also running. (yuuuuuch.)

he finally fixed a dinner date with his frens for my visit. means i have to go get some presents for the kids le. maybe I'll just get them all some children's book. hehe..

& some inconsiderate neighbour is playing mahjong at this time on a tuesday night! wth?!

sighz.... i have been thinkin of the earlier days lately, before i fall asleep so that I can sleep happily. of the times we travel together and when he is really sweet. i miss him .. but I dunno what to say to him le..


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