Thursday, November 23, 2006


The exam is looming nearer and nearer. Last night’s class was really empty. For the first session, only 2 people were in class. We were giving a past year paper to do, and I’m happy to say after the week of frantic reading to finish the grammar text, I managed to get more than 50% right without checking the dictionary! Wahahaha! What a big change from the past weeks where I would be like looking at the words blankly and not knowing the difference between the choices. But.. 50% is not enough to pass.. I must try to scrape through with like 70%. Sighz. It was a little demoralizing yesterday when another veteran classmate said she had tried the exam for 6 times and still hadn’t passed. Jialat.

The lessons for the course is going to start soon! I’m so excited! But I hate it that the texts are not here yet. So slow.. I don’t like to go to class unprepared, to go there and be unable to participate insightfully and just look blankly at other people. And they said that the texts would be here earlier if we signed up earlier ~~~ misrepresentation on their part. Grrr.

Yesterday’s 6.0 hour tuition session was quite tiring. In the morning, I woke up a little too late, luckily the bus came almost immediately for the fastest route that I hadn’t actually thought of until I was exiting the house in a bit of a blind panic. I just couldn’t think of the fastest way to get to a MRT station on the North Line from the house such that I would reach Yishun in half hour. Faced with such a situation, I had no choice but to take the short cut through the jungle behind my house. As I ran to the bus stop, my leg came into contact with something long and it moved upon contact and I hope it wasn’t a snake.. after that, was running to the bus stop in fear of being bitten rather than due to the late factor. Luckily, 170 came just went I reached the stop, and it suddenly dawned on me that Kranji MRT was the nearest station that I could reach in the shortest time since the 170 driver usually drives like a maniac anyway. Hehehe.

True enough, I reached Kranji MRT in less than 15 min later, and it was just exact timing for me to reach Khatib MRT in 16min. phew. The next session after that was in Redhill. Yes, the north line all the way to Raffles Place and then change to the West Line. Had given myself only an hour initially, luckily I increased the time cos it took me an hour half to get there including bus changes. So far…. The traveling part is the worst thing about tuition. I dun like to move around, I think I can say that traveling on public transport is actually very draining for most people as well.

When the session was finally over, the important phone call came. And I walked 20 floors down to the first level cos I didn’t want to go into the elevator and get the reception cut off. I can’t believe that I actually walked 20 storeys of steps. It actually felt like nothing, cos I was on the phone. So now you know, you wan to exercise by walking the stairs, get someone on the phone with you. Hehe.

Latest development:
My front teeth hurt. Yes, just the 2 front teeth. The right one more than the left. And it was the kind of pain that even when your tongue lightly comes into contact with the tooth, you felt like you were going to faint with the intense pain. But I was looking in the mirror at the end of the day and I realized my front teeth had straightened out considerably as compared to when I had first put on braces. woohoO!


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