Sunday, November 19, 2006

千二百五十二: MotorShow 2006

I went to the Motorshow at Suntec today.

It was a disappointing event.

there were very few brands on display, it was the same old ones minus a few. MINUS.... and we finished the show in an hour half.

I wasn't planning on coming out at all, but Ray jio-ed and i hadn't met him in about 2 years so i relented. I had only wanted to meet him for dinner, but he said he would pay for my motorshow entrance fee so we went in together. we weren't intending to see the stunt performance anyway, we had watched the one 2 years ago together, still Russell Swift anyway so we tot we would take pics of pretty showbabes. but.. there were none. (T.T) they should really improve their QC for the show girls. seriously. we finished the show really fast and decided to go for dinner at marina square, at CHanging Apetites. not too bad the food, but i had to brush teeth after that again and Ray was very amused. heh. it was a nice outing, even though we hadn't met in 2 years, the closeness was still there but he lives abit far away now. hougang. when he used to live in Bukit Panjang. argh. thanks for all the treats today, he treated me for the meals also. heh. we had ice cream after that, walked thru marina square, i was looking for sweaters but nothing very nice.

so we parted ways at about 9pm, i came home and had to eat another dinner. i hadn't know that i was going out for dinner until like past 1pm when Ray msged me and Mom had already started on the soup for dinner so I had said i would eat when i'm home. and i did eat the whole thing, only just finished dinner because of the hole in my tongue and my cheek (it hurts to move my mouth at all so i had to chew very very slowly) and the dinner took me a few hours. haiz.

exams in 2 weeks. help!!!!


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