Saturday, November 18, 2006

千二百五十一: Casino Royale

Great movie!

Daniel craigs became quite charming in the end, cos of his action skills and beautiful blue eyes. hehe.

despite his looks being not as great as pierce brosnan, this episode was so high on action (think Jackie Chan) rather than gadgetry, that it brought me to the brink of my seat for the whole movie. The theatre at GV Grand was large and the seats next to me was empty so i didnt have to worry bout chittering people beside me.

thanks CS, the movie was pretty exciting.

the taxi ride home was quite interesting too. The driver chatted with me and I asked him about the taxi fare hikes and also tried to think about where he could pick up more passengers at such a time of the night. It was a strange phenomenon, there were many people waiting for a cab but none were around. we went past the suntec carrefour queue at about midnite, and it was such a long queue but not a cab in sight.the driver was puzzled while this happens every friday night also.

today went to the Orchard library to study. they had the double your borrowing limit promo and we took the chance to borrow alot == heh. mostly chick lit, light reading. the library is too cold.

and had dinner with the family at AMK central market. had oyster fry and pig's trotters and satay beehoon. not alot actually, i'm feeling hungry again..

And i've paid my first instalment for my course, waiting for the text to come. can't wait.. then i can start doing my readings liao.. i prefer to study than work definitely..

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Anonymous CS said...

You're most welcome in regards to the movie.

Anyway, I love satay bee hoon and Fried Oyster... the satay beehoon ard my Church is good and I eat it quite often, only when my favourite chicken rice stall isn't around... pig's trotters.. not very the healthy, haa...

10:36 pm GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

i love pigs trotters!!

12:41 am GMT+8  

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