Friday, November 10, 2006

千二百四十一: My Meals


Breakfast: Oatmeal (yah my dad really cooked that)
Lunch: FishBall Kuay Teow soup
Dinner: Tao Huay + grass Jelly Drink


Breakfast: Chee Cheong Fun (it gets stuck too... -.- the sesame seeds and the cheecheongfun itself)
Lunch: Fish Slice Bee Hoon
Dinner: Yoghurt (1 small bottle from carrefour)

Yikes. I really feel that I have already lost weight. I realised that the metal in the teeth do not allow me to eat any hot food. they hurt uncontrollably when I ate lunch today and when I drank a cold canned drink, it was heaven! hah. the metal felt numbed after the drink. I was wondering around dhoby ghaut in the evening thinking what I could eat as dinner when I reached carrefour and yoghurt came to mind. woohoO! great idea. it really filled me up. unfortunately, they didnt sell any yoghurt that had spoons and I had to get a pack of plastic spoons just so I could eat my yoghurt. -.-

First time meeting up with kev/weez? in real life (as in proper sitting down chit chat hang out) it was quite fun!! hehe. caught up with him about hall people, and I realised i cant even remember some of their names le. was I unconsciously trying so hard to forget that unhappy stretch of life? hmm.


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