Saturday, November 04, 2006

千二百三十六: Silence

I dunno why. The happiness/unhappiness scale has tipped down on the unhappiness part heavily.

I need to have someone to confide in, I have this massive headache from not having slept well for the past week. I wake up 2 - 3 times every night, I have nightmares about anything and everything and I miss him I miss him so much that I am on the verge of jumping into the abyss again. I don't want to do anything wrong, I need just someone to comfort me, to give me a hug and to stroke me on my head and tell me things are going to be ok and just let me have a good cry and cry until the tears are dry. I need some human contact, I need to feel some love somewhere, not feel invisible to the world. Anyone?


Anonymous Davmes said...

Do not be discouraged by what has been happening. It'll only make you a stronger person when you are over it. Call up some friends, talk about it, cry over it and eventually, look past it. Move on, life isn't that bad as it seems. My mobile's existence is for a reason. If you simply can't find somebody to bitch about life, try mine. It works for some, haha.

Anyway, tough times will get over really soon. Don't worry about it. Focus on your interview and get excited about your potential job. Praying for your job and look good with your yellow braces. Bring sunlight to your boss during the interview and look forward to what is ahead, not what's behind.


12:25 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...


i dun even know if there's going to be an interview. no call yet. sighz. thanks for the encouragement anyway..

8:45 pm GMT+8  
Blogger jackolyn said...

Hey girl
if u need someone to talk to, just let me know yah? i know sometimes things can get really tough when u feel as if everything that can be wrong has gone wrong or that there seems to be nothing right in ur life...but that's just how life is at times...so the only way is to just believe that things will get better :)

6:13 pm GMT+8  

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