Monday, October 30, 2006


I heard about someone who had to marry his girlfriend (both are now still university students) because of shotgun reasons. The girl had refused to abort because she was a staunch Catholic. BUT, if she was a staunch Catholic, why did she engage in pre-marital sex in the first place? It's funny how religion for some people become useful reasons for some things yet not others.

There's some weird problem with Blogger such that it refuses to let me publish 2 posts on the same date. It only started on Saturday I think? And then I had to go back to all the old entries with the same date to re-date them until everything could be published. Ack. So don't be surprised if you see posts that are post-dated.

I was sidetracked and forgot about the discussion of the problematic areas in your life. Next was supposed to be about work / studies I think?

Hmm, work. Getting used to the work here I guess. I don’t feel as resentful as I was, although it gets to me when my mom keeps nit-picking until she realizes some of the changes (or the way I do things) actually is more efficient. Some of her ways are better I admit, but seriously, super naggy. I am getting used to seeing my parents 24-7 but sighz, I do of course wish to meet more people. We don’t quarrel that much nowadays (in the office, hence work-related), so I guess that’s cause to be happy. But, she is still going on at me to find a job and to call EDB for help (which is useless obviously since the last email I had from them was more than a month ago and there has only been 1, that’s ONE bloody interview from their so-called hard working referrals in the past 4 months since I’ve been back) Never mind, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the one I’m waiting for to happen, by late November I can update you on my happiness meter again liao. Hah!

Studies are ok I guess, now trying hard to study more diligently for the JLPT coming up but there’s so much to study and only one month left!! I lack the grammar skills I think, given that I skipped JLPT 2, but no harm to just work hard and try my best bah. I wish all the NTU guys the best in their coming exams too. Ganbatte!!


Anonymous Davmes said...

Hey there, as I'd mentioned, lost your blogsite ever since I'd reformatted my computer. Just decided to leave some comments on your most recent blog post

In regards to the friend of yours who decided to marry instead of abortion, I applaud her decision. It's true that abortion is a sin. What gives man the rights to take away a life that doesn't belong to them? (Alright, shadn't create a debate on this)

It's true that she, being a Catholic herself, should know better that God forbids pre-marital sex. Shouldn't go into the religion part but it made me think. At least she made the right decision on keeping the child. It would be tragic if she decides to abort the baby and will have to live with it for the rest of her life. "Bu neng yi chuo zai chuo"

Every child is a blessing.

Really hope that you'll be able to find a job soon. Will pray for you, yea. Cheers~

12:10 am GMT+8  
Blogger booboogal said...

true. one more mistake wont make wrong things right.

Thanks for the prayers. I will work hard!!

12:15 am GMT+8  

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