Friday, October 27, 2006

千二百二十七:Thinking time

I was going to post up this long thing that I was thinking about whether I was happy or unhappy. But it got longer and longer and the more I wrote, the more I had to write, so I haven't completed it yet. But maybe I'll just give you some food for thought first.

I was thinking what I would think about regarding whether I am happy or not and this is what I came up with. The main problems afflicting an unhappy person of my age group are usually one or all of the below:

1. Money
2. Appearance
3. Employment/Studies
4. Friendship
5. Family
6. BGR

Any more categories that I have missed out? Half of the areas are human relationship related and probably those are areas where you are not the sole controller of those areas whether you want to be happy or not. The other half of the areas, can you control? More to come when I clear my own thoughts.


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