Thursday, October 26, 2006

千二百二十六: Erh..

It's a boring Wednesday again.

Being the end of a long weekend, the office was pretty quiet since many people in other companies were still on leave. Luckily, there was Japanese lesson to let me leave earlier today. Maya has also returned home to Japan today (T.T). haiz. Empty feeling inside again. I actually enjoyed zobo-ing in her hotel room.

In the lesson today, our sensei was giving us an idea of how expensive it was to marry a Japanese girl. Besides a dowry of \1 million, (more than S$10000) which her husband is still paying off by instalment to her parents, hahahaha, the wedding ring is supposed to cost at least 3 times the monthly salary of the guy. o.O Ryo said its a rumour and gimmick started by the jewellers to rip guys off and make them bankrupt. hahaha. Really? :p

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