Friday, October 20, 2006


I received the most recent issue of the SDU magazine today. and I was skimming the events section and then a cable car speed dating event caught my eye. Cable car speed dating?! Apparently you ride the cable car with ur assigned date until the alighting point and u swop with others for another partner for the return ride. meaning.. you ride and ride and ride and ride on the cable car until all the swops are done!? -.- maybe everyone is just in to make more friends bah. :p

Nintendogs is a very addictive game. The dogs are so cute and their points incentive scheme is so good that you want to try to get as much points as u can to unlock more new dogs! i got a Yorkie and a cavalier currently, hoping to get lucky to get the jack russell unlock. hopefully can get it during the next few days? hmm

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