Saturday, October 14, 2006

千二百十二: Do you Like Tiger Beer?

joined Jaclyn's focus group session on Tiger Beer this morning.its interesting to see most people have a cheapo image of the brand unfortunately. but it was quite fun, got to see my sister's schoolmates. after that went to The Cathay for the first time. the weather today was disgusting. heat trapped by the haze and the filtered sunlight made me feel faint. :x oh.. the Cathay, we went there so that i could try the eyebrow threading. it hurts!!! (T.T) but thats probably cos i been lazy in tweezing my brows. but how to?? my eyebrows are like a forest. -.- they grow back so quickly its pretty useless to waste time tweezing cos in a week all will come back.

also went to Tiffany's to try to get the silver polishing service for the necklace. unfortunately, the silver polishing was not free, as of Sep 1 2006. ARGH . if only i had brought it in b4 then. it costs $15 to polish.. i guess ok bah. i was thinking why they dun check if its fake or real, but i guess if its fake, why would anyone pay $15 to polish their even cheaper necklace? haha.

was so tired after that, had lunch and came back at about 5pm. taka was having a fashion show. zzz. i better sleep early tonite.


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