Friday, October 06, 2006

千二百四:Long Beach

i didn't realise there were 2 long beach seafood restaurants in East Coast. until today many people managed to get lost. I only knew of the seafood competition area, with the red house etc but there's one at Macs area also.

dinner tonight was quite fun. Ishiwata looks older, Zhiwei looks thinner and everyone else looks like they have changed a little. dunno. haven't seen them for so long that i felt abit strange at first and a little awkward. but the food was pretty good, haven't eaten chilli crab for a long time and also pepper crab. definitely i am more of a chilli crab person. pepper crab just doesn't give me any zing.

Ishiwata was tired out from the hectic trip of 4 days so there weren't any after dinner activities as he also had a 8am flight tomorrow. kind of a relief (secretly) cos i was pretty tired actually.

weekend tomorrow. i wish all weeks were 4-day work weeks.

Things to do this weekend:
1. Japanese homework
2. Get some sort of exam study schedule up.


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