Tuesday, September 26, 2006

千百九十四:the walk to suntec

he's here!! *jumps around in ecstasy*

i went to fetch him in the evening from the airport after working half day at the office and a bath at home. i didn't know what to pack, cos i don't even noe wat our plans are for the week. depends on him right?

so luckily i went to the airport a little bit early cos the plane came ahead of schedule. waited waited waited, was surprised to see alot of blangahs waiting for their compatriot on this same flight from osaka. ?? weird no? so when the passengers started trickling down (pretty empty flight), i was expecting many banglas. but i nv see lei.. hmm . i saw them wave at someone, i look in the direction, i couldn't see who they were waving to, cos no one waved back.

and finally, he came down at about 1915. nono, don't have dramatic hug and kiss.. we just smiled at each other and he just asked me if i was genki. :) couldn't stop smiling. and there was actually airport shuttle service (like Limo bus) but in taxi format, $7 per adult. very worth it, no need to take taxi with high costs if got alot of luggage. and it takes u to ur destination somemore like the cab, not bad right! but of cos have to share with people, thats how they make the whole thing worth it.

so we reached the hotel with much time to spare b4 the shops close. the hotel room is quite big, but the amenities are so-so only. decided to walk to suntec when i saw how near it was, was actually planning to bring him to eat dinner at raffles city.

i couldn't find the foodcourt in suntec!! walked like one big round, forgot they moved the damn entrance to the inside, and in the end we chose crystal jade la mian xiao long bao. hehe. had a good meal, i couldn't stop talking. the waiter said sumimasen to me until i ordered a drink in chinese hehe. after that went carrefour abit and then it was like 11pm liao. its really shiok to live so near to town lor! can club at chijmes and then drunk liao walk back oso. wahaha!

ok maybe we are going chinatown today. hoho. seeya!


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